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Because of the care and compassion, Chase Center has made it possible for me to return to my home in the community. The staff has also helped my family with the training and advice to assist me at home. I will miss the warm surroundings and the beautiful view of the outdoors from my window.

  • Mildred Donnelly

I could have gone home instead of rehab, but who wants the burden of all the details, monitoring, and getting to physical therapy. A short stay at Chase Center, and I was ready to get back into life on my terms.

  • Former resident,

On May 20, 2015, I had the first of my two total hip replacement surgeries-the second one was on October 19, 201 5. I had both surgeries performed by Dr. James Davis at the Logansport Memorial Hospital in Logansport, Indiana. Both surgeries turned out great with wonderful results. That being said, I do not believe that I would have fared so well had my post-surgical care and my physical therapy rehabilitation not been conducted by the people who took care of me at Chase Center in Logansport, Indiana.

After both surgeries, I was cared for at Chase Center. I can say with total honesty that if the need should ever arise for me to require medical or physical therapy care again, I would return to Chase Center and Pilgrim Manor without a second thought. I trusted them, and they never let me down.

I received excellent care (both medical and personal) from all the nursing staff, CNAs, therapists, dietitians, etc. Everyone who worked at Chase during my stay helped me heal and learn to walk again, they all helped make each day go as stress-free and comfortable as possible, and someone was always planning a fun little outing or activity several times each week.

The physical therapy I received while at Chase was incredibly helpful, and without their guidance, gentle nudging, and playful attitudes, it would not have been nearly as successful. The time I spent doing the work there was never boring, and I actually looked forward to being able to go to PT each day. Yes, it was tough, but it was also fun, and that's because of the people who work in the PT dept at Chase, they are the greatest, and I cannot thank them enough for all the help they gave me.

Even the administrative/office staff and housekeeping staff looked out for me and made me feel so welcome and at ease that the time I spent at Chase went by much quicker than I thought it would. The prospect of my returning after my second surgery was actually a happy thought. I knew that I would be in the hands of people who cared about my well-being. When it was time for me to leave after each stay, it was bittersweet, and saying goodbye was not so easy.

My overall experience at Chase was totally positive, and I don't thank that a person could ask for a better bunch of people to have helping them. They are giving and caring, and patient beyond belief.

Another little bonus for me was that I met a new friend while I was at Chase after my first surgery (she was recovering from surgery as well), and I am happy to say she and I are still very close friends and plan on staying that way for a long time to come. I thank Chase for that too!

  • Kenda Oyler

I would like to express my gratefulness for how you cared for my Mother in the last weeks of her time here on earth. I had her in another facility, where she was not getting the care she needed, so I moved her to your facility. Unlike the other facility, your facility had enough staff to care of all of the individuals in your care. I was with my mother from the time she woke up until the time she closed her eyes at night. There wasn’t a time I (or she) needed help and could not find an aid or a nurse. Your staff made the transition from the other nursing home to yours very easy. Your CNAs, nurses, and doctors exhibited a high standard of care delivered with such warmth and caring. I did not feel like my mother was an individual in a bed but an actual person who needed to know she was important.

Thank you for all of the loving care you gave to my mom during her stay at Chase. I would recommend (and do) your facility to anyone that has a need.

  • Jeffrey See

Chase Center gave my dad the best last eight years of his life. He came to Chase in an emergency situation in poor medical condition. He did not want to be there, but in less than three months, with nurses, staff, and physical therapy working with him, he was able to walk again and had settled in and began to enjoy activities such as dining out and playing cards, and realized that physical therapy was good for him. Chase became his home, and the nurses and staff like his new family.

Since I live out of state, the nurses and staff were always in touch with me any time it was necessary, and we also had frequent care plan meetings where all facets of dad's care were discussed, so I never felt as if I didn't know how he was doing. Cynthia Metzger of Social Services always made the best suggestions as far as things he needed or how to go about procedures, and I always found her advice invaluable.

In the last few years of his life, as his situation became more critical, the loving care and compassion from everyone at Chase were remarkable. The medical care was everything that could be done, always checking with the doctor and doing everything possible, but it was always the small things that matter most, from going in to turn on the Notre Dame game for him, to a back rub, to reading the paper to him, or to just checking on him for me when I called to tell me how he was doing no matter what time of day or evening. The nurses and staff knew him so well, and they were just wonderful to him.

My advice to you if you are thinking of placing your loved one in Chase Center is don't wait; this is the place to go. You should not worry. There may be an adjustment period, but your loved one will be happy there and well-loved and well taken care of.

  • Diane Holmqvist
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