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Rehab to Home

The first few days or weeks following a medical procedure, injury, or illness call for focused, well-timed, consistent care. That’s where Chase Center and Pilgrim Manor shine.

We understand that home is your goal, and the sooner, the better! And we’re staffed, equipped, and ready with the knowledge to get you there.

We offer physical, occupational, speech therapy, and rehabilitation services, with a care plan specifically designed for each person’s needs and goals. We also serve up ample doses of encouragement to keep residents on track and ready for the next step.

As residents prepare to move from Chase Center and Pilgrim Manor to more independent living, we’ll work with each person on our Safe Return Program, a transition plan to make sure residents, their homes, and families are ready.

At Chase Center and Pilgrim Manor, we understand the focused attention and care needed the first few days and weeks after a medical procedure, illness, or injury.

We understand that the priority is getting back to normal life. That is why our staff is knowledgeable, equipped, and ready to help on your health journey.

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