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Hospice & Respite Care

Chase Center and Pilgrim Manor’s hospice and respite care programs are compassionate, gentle, and nurturing.

Caregiving is a big job. Many family members have taken on the responsibility of caring for their loved ones in their homes. But simply because they’ve chosen in-home caregiving doesn’t mean they don’t need a helping hand now and then. And sometimes, they need a breather. That’s what respite care is for. Respite care acts similar to that of the adult day services, but for slightly longer lengths of time. This service allows caregivers to go on vacation, take a break, and attend other business for a short period of time, whether overnight, a week, or a month.

Seeing a loved one suffer from an illness or nearing the end of their life can be very difficult. It can often lead to mental, physical, and spiritual challenges. Our Chase Center and Pilgrim Manor staff know exactly how to work with these situations, assisting you in your time of need. They will combine knowledge and empathy to help manage your loved one's symptoms, making them as comfortable as possible. Outside hospice providers may be able to offer further support if the resident meets hospice criteria.  Our team will educate and comfort your family when your loved one's journey comes to an end.

The Chase Center and Pilgrim Manor teams aren’t just skilled and knowledgeable; they are caring and compassionate. As much as our staff cares for your loved one, they also care for families. We know there are times when your family needs care and support, too, and we are here for you. For more information regarding our hospice or respite care program or to reserve a room for a respite stay, please contact us.

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