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Social & Emotional Health

At Chase Center and Pilgrim Manor, our knowledgeable caregivers understand that a person’s health is not just about the care of their physical body. No matter what age a person is, care for the whole person is important, including maintaining community, mental health, and emotional health.

As we age, social and emotional health are often pushed to the background as physical health takes the forefront. But we are more and more aware that social and emotional health have physical ramifications.

In order to keep your loved ones in their best health overall, our compassionate team addresses all areas of health. We have social activities to keep our residents engaged in the community. We strive to create a family-like atmosphere where all of our residents can feel at home.

Our teams also understand that maintaining mental faculties is important to your loved one’s overall health. We present multiple opportunities for seniors to engage their minds and spirits with interesting iPad activities, religious services, music therapy, and community outings.

In addition to activities and games to keep your senior’s mind sharp, our beautiful communities offer outdoor spaces so our residents can get outdoors when the weather permits and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

Our care is personal, so as we get to know your loved one, we’ll work to ensure that their social and emotional health are tended to. We’ll help them engage with others, maintain their brains, and focus on their emotional well-being to help them live their best lives.

To learn more about our social and emotional health programs and activities, contact our teams at Chase Center and Pilgrim Manor.

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